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Long-lasting, sumptuously comfortable upholstery

Duresta has been making high quality upholstery since 1938. Their factory is in Long Eaton, a Nottinghamshire town renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of furniture making. From the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery Duresta is able to select the finest craftsmen and women. Duresta combines these skills with the best materials available to produce long-lasting sumptuously comfortable upholstery.
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Although their designs naturally respond to changing tastes, at the heart of each lies an unmistakeable English Style, which throughout the world is generally considered to have a flavour of understatement, subtlety and fine proportion. Duresta offers a large range of fabrics which are sourced internationally to ensure the widest choice of styles and colours. These are individually hand cut and expertly sewn with separate valances applied by hand slipstitching. All undergo rigorous quality testing to reduce the incidence of premature wear and tear.

As well as their elegant Classic ranges (the Waldorf and Woodbury collections for example), Duresta also feature a stylish modern range called Domus which includes the Hockney, Hopper and Sutherland collections.