Carpet Underlay

A good underlay is vital to ensure a feeling of comfort underfoot, and also to preserve your carpet’s appearance for longer. Its other great advantage is its insulating properties, keeping your home warm as well as reducing noise.

There are different types of underlay available, and each type of carpet may require a specific underlay so it is always best to discuss your requirements with a member of the carpet department team to make sure you get the right underlay for your carpet.

Axfelt Underlay

Axfelt Underlay

Axfelt Underlay will help prevent wear and tear of your new carpet.

Axfelt Triple Layered Underlay is a luxury underlay with a wool felt topping, a mixed material middle layer and a rubber crumb bottom layer. Using this underlay will help prevent wear and tear, increasing the life of the carpet and maintaining its looks. It also delivers excellent sound and heat insulation helping reduce noise and heating bills.

Made from 100% recycled materials including old carpets and rubber tyres this is a sustainable product, designed to make a contribution to the reduction of the amount of carpet currently disposed of in landfill in the UK.

Cloud 9 Contract Underlay

Cloud 9 Contract Underlay

Cloud 9 Contract underlay is a practical choice for areas with heavy traffic.

Cloud 9 has a crumb construction (foam fibre mix), with excellent thermal and sound absorption properties. The 8mm thick underlay has a silver film underside with green printing on the top.

Made in the UK. Cloud 9 Contract is an environmentally friendly product and also uses ‘Ultrafresh’ antimicrobial technology.

Cosi Underlay

Cosi 8 Underlay

Cosi underlay is suitable for light and general domestic areas with low to medium traffic.

Cosi underlay has excellent thermal and sound absorption properties, and is also environmentally friendly.
Made in the UK

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