Types of Carpet

There are many different types of carpet available, from natural fibres to hard-wearing polypropylene. The main carpet types are listed below, but for more information please contact our Carpet Department.

Twist Pile Carpet 1

Twist Pile Carpet

Tightly twisted yarns are used in a cut pile construction giving a slightly textured surface. Twist pile carpet is durable and very resilient, making it a good ‘family-friendly’ choice.

  • Often in plain single colours
  • Sometimes with subtle flecks known as heather effect
  • Suitable for most situations around the house
  • Some ranges available in different weights:
    30 / 40 / 50 / 60 ounces per square yard Usually referred to as 80/20 (80% wool & 20% man-made)

Loop Pile Carpet

  • Loop Pile Carpet is manufactured in a continuous loop, often resulting in a dense, low profile carpet. This can mean that there is less actual pile to flatten, making it a good, practical carpet in demanding situations
  • A practical choice for high traffic areas
    Good on stairs
    Has a more ‘modern’ look, and appeals to those who do not particularly like the traditional cut pile carpet
  • Price can reflect the amount of yarn used. Single / 2 / 3 / 4 or 6 ply yarn available
    Normally 100% wool, 100% man-made or 50% wool / 50% man-made
Cormar Carpets Boucle Neutrals loop pile carpet
Crucial Trading Fuji loop pile carpet
Ulster Carpets velvet pile carpet
Brintons True Velvet velvet pile carpet

Velvet Pile Carpet

A luxurious carpet with a sheared surface, giving a smooth finished velour pile. Velvet Pile carpets have a softer appearance to a twist pile, and are often suitable when a smart plush finish is required.

  • Popular for bedrooms
  • Elegant, but not as practical as twist pile
  • Tendency to mark more easily and show surface shading

Saxony Pile Carpet

Saxony pile carpets have a longer, tightly twisted cut pile that are heat-set straight. A Saxony pile looks luxurious and elegant but as the piles moves it will show every footstep and vacuum cleaner mark, making it better suited to bedrooms and rooms with less traffic around the home.

A longer pile and more luxurious type of carpet.
Suitable for bedrooms
Prone to surface shading
Medium durability

Saxony Pile Carpet-0
Saxony Pile Carpet 2

Wilton & Axminster Carpet

Wilton Carpet
A traditionally made carpet with the carpet pile woven into the backing and cut to length. With a Wilton carpet a continuous fibre is woven all the way through the carpet. The fibres can then be cut to create a range of cut and loop effects. Wilton carpets are unrivaled in quality and durability and are made using the original method of carpet weaving.

Axminster Carpet
The production process of an Axminster carpet is very similar to that of a Wilton carpet. The pile of the carpet is woven into the backing and cut to length, creating U-shaped tufts that give a velvety surface. This process produces a very durable carpet and a luxury finish.
The traditional processes allows for intricate designs and colours to be used providing great versatility in design. Pile tuft held in by a weave. High quality yarns used which is often reflected in the selling price. 100% wool or 80/20 mix (80% wool & 20% man-made fibre).

Brintons Timorous Beasties Axminster carpet

Man-made Fibre &
Polypropylene Carpet

A very practical choice, being both hard-wearing and affordable. Most man-made carpets are made from Polypropylene.

100% man-made
Stain resistant
Polypropylene is bleach cleanable
Hard wearing

Greendale Ovation Polypropylene carpet
Greendale Irresistible Polypropylene carpet

Entrance Flooring: Coir or Kokus Matting

An important product to consider especially in hallways and areas where traffic is coming in from outdoors.
Products can be cut to size to fit a matwell or laid on sub-floor to meet other flooring.

Two main types available:

Natural FIbres
A natural product but can discolour over a period of time especially when getting wet. Approximately 17mm thick, rubber backed. Available in 1 & 2mtr widths. Natural fibres usually kept in stock [coloured matting available to order]

Man-made Fibres
100% Polypropylene with rubber backing. This product is water-resistant and rot proof which makes it suitable for outdoor use. Wheel chair friendly. Available in 1& 2 mtr widths in natural colours only.

Entrance Flooring: Coir or Kokus Matting-0
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