Points to consider when choosing a new carpet:

  • Make sure the carpet you choose is suitable for its intended location – some carpets are not suitable for stairs for example, where there will be a greater amount of wear. Others are more suited to bedrooms or sitting rooms.
  • Check what your carpet is made of – wool, polyester, nylon, coir, even plastic bottles! All these different fibres perform in very different ways which will affect wearability, appearance and cleaning.
  • Ask for a sample – how a carpet looks in the shop may well differ when in your own home, and also at different times of the day and night.
  • Don’t skimp on the underlay. Underlay will also keep your new carpet looking good for longer and can prolong its life by up to 40%. It can benefit sound and heat insulation as well as improving the comfort and appearance of your carpet.
  • Make sure your room is professionally measured – we can measure and plan correctly to ensure the maximum coverage for the minimum waste. Most rooms are not perfectly square.

Cloud 9 Underlay

Underlay Detail Shot

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