"The closest you'll ever get to the bliss of pure comfort"

Stressless is a Norwegian company, called Ekornes in Norway, and it was founded by Jens Ekornes back in the 1930s. The first iconic Stressless chairs were launched in Norway in 1971, and these amazingly comfortable recliner chairs have become the backbone of the company here in the UK. They now produce many different variations on the Stressless recliner, each offering subtle differences in design and performance depending on your tastes and requirements. Stressless also produce sofas and recliner sofas, as well as modular systems that let you create fabulous corner combinations. You can also design luxuriously comfortable cinema-style groupings.

The quality of manufacture is exemplary with only the finest materials used. There are many high quality leathers and also fabrics to choose from and several different wood finishes for the base and accessories. Always keen to evolve, Stressless have introduced the 'Signature Base' which stylishly combines wood and aluminium. This base incorporates the Stressless BalanceAdapt™ system which allows the chair's back and seat to automatically adjust your seated position according to the movements of your body.

For more inspiration browse the latest Stressless Comfort Brochure:

Stressless Brochure 2019-2020Click here for more information about Stressless

With such an iconic piece of furniture, we recommend you visit us here at TR Hayes to try out a Stressless chair yourself. We keep a good selection in stock in our designated Stressless Gallery.