If your world is driven by a desire to fuse luxury with art, you’ll undoubtedly find a kindred spirit in Zoffany. Unique, captivating and effortlessly sophisticated, Zoffany is the brand for those that seek craftsmanship and artistic integrity.

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Zoffany is a company imbued with a passion for art and luxury that has emerged over the past three decades as one of the fastest growing and most respected brands in luxury interiors. Their sophisticated approach draws on many different sources, including innovative technology, contemporary design and their own historical archive.

Zoffany is the careful custodian of a remarkable archive, painstakingly assembled from around the world via auctions and donations from customers. The collection includes rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wallcoverings, most dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

These fabrics really need to be seen in real life to appreciate the wonderful colours and textures available, with many having delicate embroidery, and numerous colourways. We keep a small selection of Zoffany sample books in stock, but let us know if there is a specific collection you would like to see.

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