If you love high fashion, Harlequin will probably steal your heart. Expect to be wowed by fusions of delicious colours, innovative textures and catwalk-inspired design.

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The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’, which sums up the design ethos of the Harlequin studio perfectly. Alongside digital design technology, their designers love to get the paintbrushes out and experiment with watercolours, gouache, inks and more to create new effects and colour blends. The end results are looks that bend the rules and allow you to be as creative as you choose.

A respected British brand, Harlequin’s pursuit of design innovation probably evolved as a result of their links with manufacturing. They have shared a site with a wallpaper factory for over 30 years so their designers really know and understand the products – including how to push the boundaries as technology advances. By mixing innovative production techniques with ambitious, uninhibited design Harlequin have earned a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.

These fabrics really need to be seen in real life to appreciate the wonderful colours and textures available, with many having delicate embroidery, and numerous colourways. We keep a large selection of Harlequin sample books in stock, but do let us know if there is a specific collection you would like to see.

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