Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a great alternative to curtains, offering an elegant, simpler look, and there is a huge variety of fabrics to choose from.

A Roman Blind is one that is made from fabric that draws up into neat pleats. The blinds are made by inserting dowels or rods into the back of a fabric panel. The rods are connected to cords, when the blind is lifted the cords pull the rods together forcing the blind to fold into pleats.
The beauty of Roman Blinds is you can create them in any fabric to coordinate with your colour scheme, you can also add contrast borders and trims if desired. Roman Blinds can be made with different types of lining, including black-out lining.

We can supply made-to-measure Roman Blinds in the fabric of your choice, and we offer a free measuring service. All fittings can be supplied, and the blinds can be fitted by our experienced staff.

We keep a large selection of fabric books and samples in store, so feel free to come and browse and discuss your requirements.


Enhancing your look with Roman blinds can be an effective way to elevate the aesthetics of your space. Roman blinds are a popular window treatment option known for their versatility, style, and functionality. Here’s how you can enhance your look with Roman blinds:


  • Choose the Right Fabric and Colour:
    • Select a fabric that compliments your existing décor and suits your style. Roman blinds come in various materials, from sheer to opaque, so you can control the level of privacy and light filtration.
    • Consider the colour or pattern of the fabric. You can opt for something that matches your existing colour scheme or choose a contrasting colour or pattern to make a bold statement.


  • Customisation:
    • Customise the dimensions to fit your windows perfectly, ensuring a polished and tailored appearance.


  • Texture and Layering:
    • Mixing and matching different textures can add depth and dimension to your space. Consider combining Roman blinds with other window treatments like curtains or valances to create a layered look.


  • Control Light and Privacy:
    • Roman blinds allow you to have precise control over the amount of light and privacy in your room. You can raise them fully for maximum light or lower them partially to filter sunlight while maintaining privacy.
    • Installing blackout lining behind your Roman blinds can provide complete darkness when needed, ideal for bedrooms.


  • Hardware and Accessories:
    • Pay attention to the hardware and accessories. Choose decorative and functional hardware like decorative pulls or tassels to add a finishing touch to your blinds.
    • Consider motorised or smart Roman blinds for added convenience and modern flair.


  • Maintenance and Cleaning:
    • Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your Roman blinds looking fresh and enhancing your space. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure the longevity of your blinds.


  • Consistency Across Spaces:
    • If you’re using Roman blinds in multiple rooms, maintaining a consistent style or colour scheme can create a cohesive and harmonious look throughout your home.


  • Professional Installation:
    • Consider having your Roman blinds professionally installed to ensure they are perfectly hung and operate smoothly.


  • Seasonal Changes:
    • Change your Roman blinds seasonally or with special occasions to create different moods and atmospheres in your space.


  • Personal Touch:
    • Finally, let your personal style shine through. Whether you prefer a minimalist, classic, or eclectic look, Roman blinds can be tailored to reflect your unique taste.


Incorporating Roman blinds into your home’s décor can significantly enhance your look by adding style, functionality, and personality to your space. By carefully selecting the right fabric, style, and accessories, you can create a visually appealing and comfortable environment that suits your needs and preferences.

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