TEMPUR® Hybrid

Tempur Hybrid

TEMPUR® have reinvented the mattress. Again.
The TEMPUR® Hybrid mattress combines the benfits of advanced TEMPUR® material with Precision™ Micro Coils that support and react to your movements. The advanced TEMPUR® material relieves pressure by conforming to your shape and weight for truly personalised comfort. Motion absorption ensures freedom from partner movements. Precision™ Micro Coils are made from state of the art, cold drawn steel. Each micro coil is individually pocketed to provide exceptional support. The micro coils work together with the TEMPUR® material to conform and react to your body’s movements.

There are two grades to choose from:

Hybrid Supreme: 21cm deep with TEMPUR® Material, Precision™ Micro Coils, Removable Cover.
Hybrid Elite: 25cm deep with TEMPUR® Material, Precision™ Micro Coils, QuickRefresh™ Cover.

All TEMPUR® mattresses are made with removable covers washable at temperatures of up to 60°c. The Elite mattresses even come with QuickRefresh™ covers that feature an easy zip-off top, so you can keep your mattress clean and fresh with minimal effort.