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TEMPUR® A mattress like no other
The TEMPUR® material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift off. These pressure relieving qualities provide the core benefits of a TEMPUR® mattress. TEMPUR® material is not the same as generic memory foam, and is only made by TEMPUR® themselves.

There are 4 TEMPUR® mattress ranges:
Original– for medium firmness and support
Hybrid – for medium firmness and ease of movement with precision micro coil™ pocketed springs
Cloud – for soft, cushioned comfort and support
Sensation – for a firm supportive feeling
Within each type you can also choose from 3 different grades: Supreme 21cm deep, Elite 25cm deep and Luxe 30cm deep (please note: the Hybrid mattress is not available in Luxe grade)

See the categories below for more details on each range.

To really appreciate the qualities of a TEMPUR® mattress you need to try them out – here at TR Hayes we keep the full collection in stock. Come in and talk to our experienced sales team and experiment with the different types – we are sure you will find yourself sleeping comfortably!
Many TEMPUR® mattresses are kept in stock for express delivery. Please contact us for current stock availability.

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