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ercol was founded in 1920 by Lucian R Ercolani in the heart of English furniture making country. He was intent on designing and producing beautiful and honest furniture, with both design and people as the cornerstone of his company.

Since its beginning, design has always been at the heart of ercol – design for comfort, design for function and design for beauty. It is a brand that effortlessly combines practicality with stylish good looks.

ercol is still a family owned private company, and with their talented in-house design team, they ensure that they don’t stay stuck in the past, but constantly evolve to reflect how we live today. For 100 years ercol has championed British craftsmanship, but now also has manufacturing partners around the world. However, they continue to invest heavily in UK manufacturing, and have an award winning factory in Buckinghamshire.

We keep a wide selection of ercol furniture on display, from dining and bedroom ranges to sofa collections. As well as their famous Originals series, we keep Bosco and Teramo always on display, as well as the popular Novara and Trieste sofa ranges. Their new FORLI sofa collection is now also on display and not to be missed!

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