A good rug can really enhance a room; drawing together colours and texture as well as defining an area or protecting it from excessive wear. Come in store and view our rug collections, or browse the selection we have online

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  • Patio PAT15 Green Palm Rug
    Patio PAT15 Green Palm Rug
    From £49.00 From £39.00
  • Moorland Rug in Bark
    Moorland Rug
    From £99.00 From £89.00
  • Reef RF02 Big Zig Rug
    Reef RF02 Big Zig Rug
    From £109.00 From £95.00
  • Dream Rug in Rose Pink
    Dream Rug
    From £149.00 From £129.00
  • Reko Rug Teal
    Reko Rug
    From £149.00 From £129.00
  • Matrix Devore Rug in Blue
    Matrix Devore Rug
    From £159.00 From £139.00
  • Knox rug in blue
    Knox Rug
    From £199.00 From £179.00
  • Fresco Rug in Blue
    Fresco Rug
    From £229.00 From £199.00
  • KE05 Kelim rug
    KE05 Kelim Rug
    From £259.00 From £229.00
  • Matrix Palm Green Rug
    Matrix MAX73 Palm Green Rug
    From £269.00 From £239.00
  • Deco Rug Multi
    Deco Rug
    From £289.00 From £259.00
  • Funk Triangles Rug
    Funk Triangles Rug
    From £319.00 From £285.00
  • Funk Chevron Rug in Blue-Green
    Funk Chevron Rug
    From £319.00 From £285.00
  • Gatsby Rug-0
    Gatsby Rug
    From £349.00 From £309.00
  • Bellagio Rug in Silver
    Bellagio Rug
    From £359.00 From £319.00
  • Plush Rug in Sand
    Plush Rug
    From £369.00 From £329.00
  • Camden Rug in Grey Multi
    Camden Rug
    From £419.00 From £375.00
  • Aran Rug in Jasmine Yellow
    Aran Rug
    From £449.00 From £399.00
  • Rodeo Cowhide Exotic Light
    Rodeo Cowhide Exotic Light
    £749.00 £669.00
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