Italian Smart Design since 1923
Antonio Calligaris began his small artisanal business in 1923 by producing the ‘Marocca’ chair, a typical wood and straw chair of the Manzano area in Friuli, Italy, with the wood and straw sourced from the surrounding area.

The furniture continued to be made mostly by hand until the 1960s when the business began to modernize and extend its ranges, building to become a global brand famous for its design, innovation and quality. Calligaris now has flagship stores in Milan and Paris, and is sold all over the world.

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  • Calligaris CB/1273-A L'Eau Chair-0
    Calligaris CB/1273-N L'Eau Chair
    £143.50 £129.00
  • Calligaris Parisienne Chair
    Calligaris CS/1263 Parisienne Chair
    £173.00 £155.00
  • Calligaris Jam Chair with sled base
    Calligaris CB/1030 Jam Chair
    £183.50 £165.00
  • Calligaris Cream Dining Chair
    Calligaris CS/1369 'Cream' Dining Chair
    £196.00 £175.00
  • Calligaris Tweet Side Table
    Calligaris CS/5085-D Tweet Side Table
    £221.00 £195.00
  • Calligaris Fifties Chair
    Calligaris CS/1854 Fifties Chair
    £293.50 £259.00
  • Calligaris New York Chair with sled base
    Calligaris CB/1022-SP New York Chair in real leather
    £315.00 £279.00
  • Calligaris Annie Soft Chair
    Calligaris CS/1848 Annie Soft
    £343.50 £299.00
  • Calligaris Tweet Coffee Table
    Calligaris CS/5085-C Tweet Coffee Table
    £360.00 £319.00
  • Calligarsi L'Eau Bar Stool
    Calligaris CB/1288 L'Eau Bar Stool
    £415.50 £369.00
  • Calligaris Jam Stool with chromed base
    Calligaris CB/1035 Jam Bar Stool
    £448.50 £399.00
  • Calligaris New York Bar Stool
    Calligaris CB/1088-SP New York Bar Stool in faux leather
    £580.50 £519.00
  • Calligaris New York Bar Stool
    Calligaris CB/1088-SP New York Bar Stool in real leather
    £615.00 £549.00
  • Calligaris Kent Dining Table
    Calligaris CS/4105-FR 160 Kent 160cm Glass Top Dining Table
    £819.00 £735.00
  • Calligaris Opera Sideboard
    Calligaris CS/6051-1 Opera Sideboard
    £2,326.00 £2,089.00
  • Calligaris Mag Sideboard
    Calligaris CS/6029-10AC Mag Sideboard with Ceramic Top
    £2,750.00 £2,475.00
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