Make a Splash with Fatboy!

Make a Splash with Fatboy!

Inside or out, FATBOY makes life more interesting

FATBOY are on a mission to 'delete dull' in the world! Fatboy can be used both indoors and outdoors with beanbags of all sizes, tub stools, hammocks, lights and accessories. All come in a range of colours, from snazzy cerise to stonewashed sand and all in between. 

Fatboy CO9Fatboy have been around since 2002 and are now an exciting brand that refuses to be pigeonholed. The products are both fun and practical; being durable and also very comfortable. You may have been in Bath a couple of summers ago when they had a selection of Fatboy products available for all to lounge on in the Southgate shopping area - the most memorable being the colossal 6.5 metre bunny (created by Dutch designer Florentijn Hofman), which was a hit with youngsters!

Their more, shall we say, practical products are of course the fabulous beanbags - these generously sized beanbags will follow the shape of your body for maximum comfort, and yet retain their perfect shape thanks to the high quality EPS filling. The strong nylon fabric is almost completely indestructible, whether you sit, lie or lounge about. They are available as adult-sized 'Original' or 'Stonewashed' and 'Junior' for younsters.
Fatboy Original Beanbags

One of our most popular summer items is Fatboy's Headdemock (that is the BIG HAMMOCK!). This is another of their 
extravagantly large designs, it easily has room for several people (the maximum weight is 150kg), and doesn’t need trees or rope; it’s safely attached to a sturdy frame so anyone can create a comfortable hang-out in their garden or even on their balcony. The tough hammock is weather proof, but to protect it from fading Fatboy do recommend their Headdemock cover.
Fatboy HeaddemockChoose from a wide range of colours, and add the head pillow for the ultimate in relaxation.
Fatboy Headdemock Colours

Lamzac® the original is the one and only air lounger for all your adventures. Simple to inflate, just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size airlounger. It really is that simple! Take it out of the bag and scoop up the air, wrap it up and click the closure together to seal the air in and you're ready to lounge. Once you're done, let the air out and roll it up - you're then good to go.Lamzac banner 1
Lamzac® is available in several colours and creates a very comfortable seat. It stays inflated for a long time and is the perfect lounger to chill, relax, rest, or sleep. It comes with a handy small backpack so you can take it anywhere you want. Take your Lamzac® with you everywhere you go (although possibly not the supermarket!).
Lamzac banner 2

These are just a few of FATBOY's fun products, if you would like to see more you can visit us in store, or click here to go to the FATBOY section on our website.
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