Romo, a brand within The Romo Group, is renowned for its diverse collection of classic and modern designs, versatile plain fabrics, and global distribution to over 70 countries.


The Romo Group’s founding brand, Romo, is celebrated for its extensive collection of classic and modern designs, as well as its versatile plain fabrics. This brand offers a diverse range of styles and timeless sophistication, all enhanced by an elegant colour palette.

The Romo brand draws upon generations of experience and distinctive British design as its cornerstone. It established its own in-house design studio in the 1980s, marking the beginning of its remarkable journey to becoming a leader in designer fabrics and wall coverings.

Under the creative guidance of Design Director Emily Mould, the Romo studio is a bustling centre of inspiration and activity. The studio is akin to a treasure trove, filled with sketches, paintings, fabric swatches, and colour charts that serve as constant sources of creative ideas. With each new collection launch, the designers embark on extensive research, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as travel, fashion, nature, and the great outdoors.

Romo introduces its collections twice annually, distributing them through a global network of designers, retailers, distributors, and agents. This strategy ensures that our exclusive collections gain international recognition in more than 70 countries.

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