Prestigious Textiles

Since 1988, Prestigious Textiles, led by Trevor Helliwell, has excelled in quality fabrics and wallpapers, with a large facility in West Yorkshire, driven by innovation.


Since its establishment in 1988 by Trevor Helliwell, Prestigious Textiles has garnered a stellar reputation for the uniqueness and excellence of its furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.

Presently, Prestigious operates on a global scale, boasting a vast network of distributors and business partners spanning across Europe, China, and South Africa, solidifying the PT brand’s worldwide prominence.

The group’s headquarters is an impressive 75,000 square foot complex located in West Yorkshire. This distribution center ranks among the largest of its kind in Europe, capable of housing approximately five million meters of fabric in its inventory, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 500,000 meters. Additionally, a dedicated sampling unit plays a pivotal role in supporting operations, while a separate division caters to the wallpaper sector.

Today, as always, Prestigious Textiles continuously develops new collections throughout the year, thanks to its seasoned design team’s relentless pursuit of fresh concepts and color schemes.

This ongoing creative endeavor ensures that the Prestigious portfolio remains diverse and at the forefront of trends. Yet, even after three decades, this family-run enterprise proves that quality and creativity remain timeless virtues.

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