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"Natuzzi Editions blends design and function to create harmonious living"

Natuzzi Editions have been flourishing since the early 1960s, and have been consistently at the forefront of Italian furniture design - they have brought high quality Italian furniture, and in particular leather furniture, to a wider audience. The founder, Pasquale Natuzzi is still very much involved in the company and it is his vision that has made them such a success story around the world.

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Leather isn't just long-lasting; it improves its appearance with age. It is strong, flexible and naturally adapts to the shape of your body to offer the utmost comfort. Cool in summer and warm in winter, leather upholstery is easy to take care of. Natuzzi Editions offers a choice of leather finishes: Protecta and Natural
Soft and strong, Protecta Leathers are coated with a thin protective film preserving them from stains without affecting their beauty. They are particularly suitable for heavy usage. Protecta Leathers featured: Belfast, Denver, Dream, Le Mans and Oregon
Extraordinarily soft and velvety, Natural Leathers are treated to leave intact the original characteristics of the hides. Variations in grain, veining and colour shades guarantee that the natural beauty of the leather has not been altered. Natural Leathers featured: Madison, Scottsdale, Fully and Campbell
All leathers are responsibly sourced from South America and Europe.

Natuzzi Editions have sofas and chairs, recliner models and stylish corner sofa groups. Traditional or contemporary, Natuzzi is sure to bring a dash of Italian flair to your home - come and see the Natuzzi ranges below in our showroom, and try out this extraordinary brand for yourself.