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The Ultimate Health Mattress - Discover medical grade foam™

At Mammoth they believe they have discovered the secret to great sleep: medical grade foam. Every inch of their mattresses is the product of rigorous research and cutting edge science. So with a Mammoth bed you get unrivalled comfort and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Born out of the need to find a solution to an uncomfortable night’s sleep following a rugby injury, Mammoth’s founder John Tuton used his background in the medical sector to find an answer – High Specification Medical Grade Foam™. Researched and developed in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients’ Association, Mammoth's award-winning Medical Grade Foam mattresses are now leading the way in comfort, delivering an astonishing list of benefits in doing so.

The high specification Medical Grade Foam™ used has cooling airflow channels, and the soft tencel fabric mattress cover is removeable and washable. The Performance Pocket ranges incorporate pocket springs for those who still love the bounce and support of a pocket spring, yet want the circulation and pressure relieving benefits that come with Medical Grade Foam.Mammoth Technical Images

Mammoth claim a Mammoth mattress will enable you to fall asleep 29% quicker and sleep 7% more efficiently. They also offer 69% faster cooling and 46% greater pressure relief - these figures all add up to a great night's sleep!

At TR Hayes we always keep a selection of Mammoth beds in stock, so come and try one out here in the store!