Magniflex Brand BannerThose who sleep well live life to the fullest!

Magniflex are Italy's leading mattress manufacturer, and have been delivering innovative memory foam technology for 55 years. We felt it was about time we discovered what all the fuss is about, and have not been disappointed. Magniflex's mattresses are made of the highest quality materials, all sourced in Italy, and their meticulous attention to detail sets them apart.

Not all Memory Foam is Alike
A Magniflex foam mattress has an open cell structure that makes them more reactive to the pressure of the body, and their unique formulation is pressure sensitive (rather than heat sensitive), so they perfectly contour to your body throughout the night.

Cool and Comfy
As well as tempurature regulating interiors, the covers are made from breathable, natural viscose fabric and temperature regulating Outlast® fabric. Outlast® is a special heat-regulating fabric originally designed for astronauts' space suits.

Softer or Firmer? Reversible Interiors are the Answer
The Magniflex Dual collections incorporate a softer feel side and a firm side. The double mattresses have 2 separate mattresses within the cover, so if you have different needs to your partner you can choose which side you want without having to compromise.
Magniflex Dual Core diagram

Magnistretch - Stretch and Decompress your Spine as you Sleep
Magnistretch is a revolutionary foam mattress, developed and endorsed by orthopedic professionals of Zaragoza University. The mattress is designed to stretch and decompress your spine, thus preventing compacted vertebrae and improving blood flow. The unique inclined foam sections respond to body weight by generating a stretching movement; elongating the vertebrae and easing compression.
Magnistretch banner

All Magniflex mattresses arrive vacuum packed which makes delivery easy, and they have the highest product certification for enviromental responsibility, including an OEKO-TEX® certificate that ensures NO harmful chemicals or smells.


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