All FLEXA® products are designed to create a safe and stimulating environment which adapts, grows and transforms to meet children’s ongoing developmental needs.

When your child is ready to move from their cot, start with a standard single children's bed. You can then adapt the existing single bed into bunk beds or a mid-height, or even full-height bed as their needs change. With FLEXA® you don’t need to start again you just buy the additional pieces you need.

Here is an example:
Aged 2 – low single bed (ie their first bed after a cot)
Aged 4 – add a ladder & legs to make it into a mid-height bed and create a den underneath
And then...
Change this underneath space to a desk with cupboards
Or ... Turn it into a high bed ...Or ... Change it into bunk beds
The choice is yours!
Of course the real fun is choosing all the accessories!

There are a number of finishes to choose from:
FLEXA CLASSIC shows the wood grain and is available in Terra, White Washed or Grey Washed finish
FLEXA WHITE is solid white but with coloured highlights available in Light Blue or Light Rose

Due to the myriad options available we recommend you visit us to discuss your requirements, we can then create the best bedroom to suit you.

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